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Why Christian Marriage Counselling Is Better Than Secular Counselling.

Every marriage has its ups and downs, we hear a lot that marriages are definitely not a bed of roses. While some issues are solved quite easily and settled, others are not and require intervention from marriage counsellors. There is however a debate on whether to choose a Christian based counsellor or a secular one. The two methods are similar in some ways but are also just as different in the approach. It is obvious that because it is a Christian approach, it has to come from the Bible but the secular approach is based on mental health and general wellbeing of the society. Some counselors integrate the two to achieve their intended result. Are there some reasons you should go for the Christian marriage counselling instead of the secular counselling? Here are a few reasons why?

First things first, God ordained marriage and it is very clear n the Bible so He sure knows how to work it out, so because you believe in what the Bible teaches, you should go for the Christian counselling. This should be what guides you in your search because it is the foundation. When you now know that you are looking for a Christian marriage counsellor, you can now be able to look for one who is focused on getting you solutions using the Bible.

How marriages are meant to be in the Christian way is very clear as written the Bible. Whatever issue the couple is battling can then be easily handled by looking at the values from the Christian perspective by looking at God’s intent for marriage right from the start.

Rather than bringing a couple together, most secular marriage counselors employ a style where therapy focuses more on blame. By employing the tactic of bringing up the past to instigate healing, a secular counselor may tear the marriage further apart rather than bring solutions that work. By seeking forgiveness both from God and from oneself, the Christian based counselling helps in complete removal of blame as a way of healing. The Christian based ideals assist in getting over things like pride, greed, lust and such like issues which cause chaos in marriages and help them gear the marriage towards healing and even restores a marriage after a spouse has had an affair. This tactic actually holds fast and long in a couple even way after the counselling is over and normal life has been resumed and is applied every time an issue crop ups making the marriage much stronger and better. You are better off going for Christian marriage counselling over the secular counselling.

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