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Got Extra Test Strips – Sell Them

Have you found yourself often thinking if it is possible to sell the extra test strips you have in your medicine kit instead of letting them go to waste? Answer in the positive and take comfort in the thought that numerous diabetics simply do not realize that they can get cash for diabetic test strips especially the ones they no longer need, will not be using anymore, or have no idea what exactly they would do with them rather than consider discarding them which would be a total waste – to say the least.

There are many reasons just why exactly diabetics have additional test strips lying around. Whereas some patients have extra strips because they need to switch to a different brand based on the recommendations of their doctor, or that the one they have are no longer suited for their current condition, or it could be that they need a new meter (and each test strip needs to be utilized with its own meter. Not to mention that most of them would often buy or get a whole supply of an assortment of brands and then just choose the one that they would use – which means they have almost a whole supply of unused boxes of strips that they have no idea what to do with. Whatever the case may be, what is important is that, diabetic sufferers must continuously check their blood sugar in order to properly monitor their condition. Just consider the idea of being able to still earn extra cash for test strips than the choice of tossing an essentially good and useful pack of test strips in the garbage.

So whatever your reasons maybe – from switching to a new brand, ordering a whole parcel and ending up selecting only a few, down to not actually testing quite as often as needed, take comfort in the thought that you can arrange to sell your test strips and get cash for it in the process.

Nevertheless, once you do decide to sell your test strips, you ought to consider a couple of things first.

Primarily, since these diabetic test strips are quite expensive, it would bode well on your part to offer the test strips when they are still far from their expiration date – if possible at least a year or more. Another plus points here is the fact that, since the strips are already available on hand, your buyer will be able to scrutinize and check its condition which means that they are assured of the quality of the strips they are buying, yet at a relatively cheaper rate than if they had ordered it from pharmacies or medical outlets. Third is, take note that your containers are still in good condition as this can either make or break the sale you would have made if you only they were still in top condition. Lastly, you can resort to offering your strips online and just mail them out to your buyers once you get the payment for it – easy and less hassle on your part.

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