Iron fences: Pros and Cons

Throughout the years, iron fences were used for government and company buildings because of its secureness and on top of it can be very beautifully made. Every wealthy person or company liked to have their own wrought iron fence. Every blacksmith had his own design, so like an artist every piece was different from the other.

Today many iron fences are combined with different materials, such as aluminum or steel, but dissimilarity can be seen. Wooden fences have its own advantages and disadvantages and the same goes for wrought iron fences. We are going to cover some pros and cons of them.

Pros: Security

When we think about iron fences, usually what comes up on our mind is high, strong fence with spikes on the top. The toughness of iron and its durability makes it so strong, and that’s why we see them used for companies and government buildings, instead of wooden fences. These tall, heavy fences are now made by machines, but still, for smaller housing, it can be handmade.


Wooden fences can easily break on higher pressure. This isn’t the case for wrought iron fences. They are very durable and also they are rust resistant. If it is properly treated wrought iron fences will last for a very long time. A combination of iron with aluminum or steel can have an impact on the durability. If you are able to find an iron blacksmith the lifetime of the fence will for sure be longer.


For security reasons most iron fences are high, straight bars with spikes, but there are some beautiful designs that are handmade. With a wide variety of symbolism, like threes or flowers, they can have a very pleasant look. Most likely to be seen are the spiral curves, which are less hard to be made when it comes to design. Spiral curves are a small change that differs from ordinary iron fences.

Some affluent people like to make the best first impression when their guests arrive to their home. In these designs, thousands of dollars are invested. They are looking to represent how classy they are and “as bigger the gate is, more wealthy they are”. The goal is to impress everyone who comes by.

Cons: Cost

The cost of iron fences can vary depending on the quality of the iron and the company or person that is doing the blacksmithing. With Wrought iron fencing you will get something perfect for your home, but the price can’t be cheap. Every handmade job like this requires a large payment. Iron by itself is expensive when needed in large quantity, so this can be an issue for some people. Also, if you are not capable of placing the fence yourself, there will be more payments made. The design is one more thing which has an impact on the price, depending on the difficulty price goes higher.


Installation of iron fences is very hard for inexperienced people. The material is heavy, and usually with long bars that are troublesome to carry. You will need some company help which knows what they are doing. You don’t want to damage your new fence, so the best choice is to look for help. The price for installation can go from a hundred to thousand dollars, which is determined by the complexity of the gate by the fence, basic or automatic, and the size.


We know by now that security is great with iron fences, but if the whole wall of iron isn’t made, they have a lack of privacy. They are great to look at, but this design allows by passers to look through the fence. This is why many households don’t use these types of fences, most common are made of wood. If the privacy is what you are looking for wrought iron fences isn’t what you need.


Wrought iron fences aren’t maintenance free. Iron wrought is rust resistant but it isn’t rust proof, so proper treatment has to be done. In a couple of years it can get rusty but if it is regularly painted there will be no problems. There are many ways to prevent rust, but with fences that means a lot of work. Read this for more information about preventing rust.